Fresh Custom Retainers

Life can be messy. Your retainers shouldn't be.
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Three easy steps
How It Works
Step 1
Choose your plan
Replace your retainers as often as you like, whether that’s once a year, every six months, or every four months
Step 2
Get your 3D scan
No more gooey molds. At a nearby Retainer Club™ partner office, get a 3D scan of your teeth in 10 minutes or less.
Step 3
Your Retainers Delivered
Your fresh set of retainers are custom fabricated, polished to perfection, and delivered to your home in 7 days or less.

Keep That Beautifully Straight Smile You Spent Years Perfecting

It's time for a new retainer when it's dirty, lost, worn out, cracked, uncomfortable, or... your dog ate it!

Bacteria and viruses collect on your retainer

Orthodontists recommend you replace your retainers regularly to prevent build-up of bacteria and viruses. The best way to make sure your retainer stays clean is to replace it. Don’t put an old, loose, dirty retainer in your mouth ever again. With Retainer Club, a fresh, perfectly fitting retainer ensures you have a clean, healthy and Straight Teeth for Life®

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Copyright 2021 by Emerick Orthodontics. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 by Emerick Orthodontics. All rights reserved.