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iTero Element 2

Say goodbye to goop & messy impressions. Visualize a better smile in 3D.

iTero Element 2
Modern 3d Scanning

No disgusting goop to swallow or need for coating your teeth in titanium dioxide powder, and the scanning procedure is entirely painless

iTero Element 2 is one of the most detailed 3d Scanner available today. It offers patients with an almost instantaneous three-dimensional model of their teeth. In fact, Dr. Emerick can use the system to scan your entire mouth in under three minutes and show you the state of your mouth and the benefits of a treatment plan before you even stand up from the chair.
The iTero Element 2 utilizes a small wand to take detailed images of a patient’s mouth. That means there’s no need for complicated impressions or repeating the process if it didn’t capture the full image the first time. In fact, it captures thousands of images of a patient’s mouth before sending them to the station, which then combines them to create a full digital image.

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Copyright 2021 by Emerick Orthodontics. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 by Emerick Orthodontics. All rights reserved.