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Conquering Dental Anxiety: Tips from Emerick Orthodontics

Do you get anxious at the thought of visiting the orthodontist? You’re not alone. Dental anxiety is a common fear that can keep people from receiving necessary oral care. However, avoiding dental checkups and procedures can lead to bigger problems down the line. That’s why Emerick Orthodontics has compiled some tips to help conquer your...

Getting Your Braces Off: What to Expect During the Process

Are you anxiously awaiting the day when your braces finally come off? As exciting as it may be, there are a few things you should expect during the process. From the removal of brackets and wires to impressions for retainers, this blog post will guide you through what to expect when getting your braces off....

How Braces Can Correct Abnormal Tooth Eruption

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your crooked teeth? Do you find yourself hiding your smile in photos or avoiding social situations altogether? The good news is, there’s a solution! Braces are not just for aesthetics; they can also correct abnormal tooth eruption and improve overall oral health. In this blog post, we’ll explore...

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Copyright 2021 by Emerick Orthodontics. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 by Emerick Orthodontics. All rights reserved.